Wrong assumptions you may have about YouTube in 2022

Wrong assumptions you may have about YouTube in 2022

Most of the people who want to start a YouTube channel are inspired to do so by watching a Youtuber and most often than not it's about the Fame a Youtuber has garnered. All of us seek popularity, don't we? Some of you might disagree, but deep down you know you wish, if only circumstances allow, you'd want to be Famous. It is one of those fantasies that everyone has, and that is not the issue. It's your right to feel the way you want but there lies an innate problem with the Desire for Fame.
This Desire stems from the point of Wishful thinking. We think most of our day-to-day problems can be solved or at least diluted if we somehow became more Famous. This Naïve thought comes from the years of watching celebrities on our TV screens, they seem so happy, and almost everyone knows them and the work they do. Yes, stars don't have to introduce themselves, and they receive delightful favors every once in a While, but we often forget one glaring fact. Fame arrives with its own set of Problems such as Daily Judgments from absolute Strangers, Lack of Private Life and many more, and we are not aware of them because most of us have never faced them first hand nor do we personally know anyone who has tasted Fame.

So If you want to get into YouTube just for the 'Fame' involved, then don't do it, regardless of your ambitions, you'll end up disappointed. The popularity will be a part of it but don't make it the sole reason for your YouTube adventure.

I remember the time when I uploaded my first ever video on YouTube. It was a review of a Mousepad I had bought. It was a Gaming Mousepad, and there weren't enough videos on it, so I decided to create one. I asked my cousin to record the video on his Smartphone. The video turned out to be modest. It was shaky and unprofessional, but it was honest and integral to me. So we uploaded it. The video didn't set YouTube records on fire nor did I receive enquiries for sponsorships, but it did something that was so important to me. It was a start, a start of something new, and I could not wrap my head around the fact that I have successfully uploaded a YouTube video that the world could watch.
After a few days, the feeling had set-tled in. I had stopped checking the views on my video every single hour. So the word spread among my friends about my YouTube video upload. The first question that all of my friends would ask was 'How much did you earn out of that video?' Here lies the problem; most of the people who watch videos on YouTube think YouTubers make a ton of money.
However, that is not the case. A monetized YouTube video gets paid on average 0.60-0.90 USD per thousand views. Your favorite Youtuber has other resources of income too; we will discuss these sources later in the book.
So don't expect to make a thousand dollars in the first few months, as with everything of value, it will take time, but if you are passionate and patient enough, it will all be worth it.

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