Why you should start making money from a YouTube channel in 2022

Let us start with an example: Suppose you are an avid traveler, you have visited and experienced a lot of places around the world. Let's say you were sitting among a bunch of strangers, and someone starts a conversation about travelling to a particular location, where you have already been.

Now, wouldn't you want to join in on the Conversation and share your experiences with the Group? Sure all of them are Strangers but Travelling is your passion, and you want to express Yourself to this group with similar interests as you. You join in on the Conversation by telling the group about your struggles finding Accommodation in that region, you receive a few nods, and before you know it, you feel you have known the Bunch for years. YouTube is similar to this situation in many ways. It is a platform for everyone to express themselves to the world, this expression most often involves a person's Pas- sion, which is broadcasted to a viewer base with similar interests.
YouTube is a wonderful place of Self-Expression, where everyone is given the same opportunity to broadcast themselves to the World, why wouldn't you want to be a part of that?

The other question that I get often is "How do I as an individual or a group, stand out from the plethora of creators on YouTube?" Here is my usual explanation for it: A lot of you must be passionate about something, whether it is travelling, gaming, music, sports, science, technology, etc. Chances are, there are many Youtubers already creating content on those very subjects. To stand out from the others, you have to be honest with yourself and your opinions. The truth is, all of us have a different take on the world. Yes, even though there are 7.5 billion people on this earth, each one of them has a unique perspective towards everything that happens in this world. The only difference is, only a few of those people are on a broadcasting platform such as YouTube. You have to express yourself honestly to the world without worrying about any judgment.
I know what you will say, 'I always express myself honestly.' No, you don't.

I think we all have experienced this situation where you are having a for- mal discussion with a group of people about an important topic. The majority of people have a specific view about it but you, on the other hand, have a different take on it which happens to be the exact opposite. Now when they ask you about your point of view, you have this whisper in your mind that tells you to leave your unpopular opinion and side with the majority. Many of us, most often than not, listen to that whisper in our minds. Here is where, you are not expressing yourself honestly, you are afraid of what the world might think.
Honest Expression is the very Soul of YouTube, A Dancer moving to her fa- vorite track oblivious of anything but the beats, A Guitarist getting lost in strumming a Song, or a Reviewer talk- ing about her Favorite books without a hint of fear for Judgment. All of these people will eventually find an Honest following and Succeed on YouTube. So as long you are expressing yourself honestly, there is no need to worry about Competition. There isn't a better way to gain an honest following on YouTube than to be yourself.
A majority of people in this world are doing things they don't love, so why not take this chance and spend time into creating something that you love. If all else fails, you could say, you gave it a shot!

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