Why NFT ?

Why NFT ? Maybe you are wondering why do we need to use NFT and blockchain? Simply put, NFT can prevent fraud and forgery through traceable digital information like the assets’ ownership recorded in the blockchain. Three characteristics are making NFT the perfect tech for this work:

Easy to Trace

The blockchain’s data is trans-parent and open. It offers an innovative way to store patents, contracts, and other documents where users truly own their data, which is applied to NFT too. Anyone can check or view NFTs’ ownership history, time of issuance, source, issuances’ number, and much other information. Anything valuable can be tokenized by NFTs, building a connection between value and information.

•Hard to Forge

It’s easy to replicate digital foodprints and hard for owners and creators to claim their digital rights. You can easily share pictures, music, and videos with others without actually owning them. It’s also quite simple to forge a fake identity of the asset. With the help of NFT, artists and owners of digital assets can protect their artwork and prevent them from being forged.
Since it’s difficult to copy the art-works, it can better ensure the assets' value by guaranteeing their scarcity.

•Increase Circulation

Let’s look at the gaming industry. In traditional gaming, the virtual trea- sure’s value you bought is locked within the game company’s server. If the company stops operating, you will lose the right to use the virtual trea- sure too. However, if it’s made into NFT, you will be able to obtain the games’ true ownership and freely trade them in the NFT auction market, which increases their circulation sig- nificantly.
More importantly, it only takes few minutes to finish the cross-border NFT transactions. The fraud’s possibility will also be eliminated.

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