Realities and Truths about the Forex-Trading

Do You Know What’s The Difference Between a Licensed Financial Advisor and a Slingkie...
Well, they are Both Pretty Useless, The License Financial Advisor is Licensed to Do what is Otherwise Illegal to Do. So, He Can Legally Loose Other People’s Money. People Get Lured into a Seemingly Easy Way to Make Money. They Say the Market Only Goes Up or Down Either You Buy or Sell That’s it. It Sounds Simple and Familiar Doesn’t it...
Unfortunately, Most People Who Get into Trading, Fail Miserably, Because They Are Misinformed and Misled About the Realities of The Financial Industry. is Going to Help You Understand SOME of The Truths About Financial Markets. In Spite of Whatever You Been Told or Course or Training You Paid For-Every Financial Transaction Has Two Parties Involved- Whether You BUY or SELL on the Other Side of That Transaction There Has to Be Someone, When the Transaction is Done, or The Deal is Closed, There Will Be a WINNER and a LOOSER. No if's End's or But's About it. Every Financial Transaction in The World. My Point is The Way Forex Trad- ing is Presented is as If those WALL STREET FAT CATS (Who Control the Market) are Just Going to Hand You Some of Their Seemingly Easy Money. What Makes Us Think, That We Can Take Money from Some of The Most Powerful People in The Largest and Richest Industry in The World. Do You Really Believe That They Will Let You Take Their Money?
This is The Cruel Reality People, of What Happens Out There. And if You Have Not Been Get- ting the Results You Want or Desired to Achieve You Have to Accept the Fact That Much of The Information You Have Received or Paid for is False or Misleading... It’s a Possibility...Can You Accept That Possibility. To Prove My Point, Attachment from a Book by George Sores-One of The MOST SUCCESSFUL INVESTORS of ALL TIME.
One cannot escape the conclusion that both the financial authorities and market participants harbor fundamental MISCONCEPTIONS about the way financial markets function. These misconceptions have manifested themselves not only in a failure to understand what is going on, they have given rise to the excesses which are at the root of the current market turmoil." "I shall argue that global financial system has been built on FALSE PREMISES. This would be a shocking proposition, except for the even more shocking proposition that misconceptions characterize not only financial markets but ALL human constructs."

What This Means

That Every Time We Turn Our Backs We Are Being Lied too. Because Someone Has a Hidden Agenda. (Read Between the Lines) It Bogals One's Mind When You Listen to The News, That CNBC People Are Just So Disappointed That the Average Retail/Consumer/Customer Trader Has Not Been Fully Invested or is Not Fully in Yet.


They Are asking. That’s What We Are Dumb Money. They Say It Blatantly. In Forex The "Mother of All Facts" is, That Someone Has a Vested Interest in You Losing Money, Remember What You Read Above About the Transaction You Either WIN or LOOSE. Has This Ever Happened to You. (Referring to-People Who are Trading Already) As a Trader You Are trading and, -Stopped Out with a Loss 2Ticks (could be 1 or right on the tick) before the market reversed, Whether You Long(Buying) or Short(Selling) -The Market Reversed 2 Ticks Be- fore Reaching Your LIMIT, -or How About You Closed the Trade with a Small Profit, Only to See the Market Run Another 100 Points Immediately After You Close the Trade, -How About the Market Reversed the Very Minute You Entered the Trade, -or Entered the Wrong Trade by Mistake and Yet Made a Profit, LOL, -or Closed a Loosing Trade, only to Find Out That You'd Be in Profit a Couple of Hours Later, -or Watched Very Profitable Trades, Evaporate into Losses, -or Your Strategy You Traded with on a Demo Account Worked Every time and You Always Seem to Make Profit but as soon as You Go onto Your Live Account, You Loose and Even Whip Out Your Account.

Why Does This Happen?

Why Does This Happen, does it Seem like the Whole World is Just Out to Screw You and it Feels like You Are Trading Against the World. You not Alone and There is a Reason for All This. If All this is Happening to You, You Have to Realize that Everything You Were Taught and Learned from these so-Called Pro's, is Either False, Misleading and a Downright lie.


The GOOD NEWS, is That it Will Be an Easy Fix and You Have the Forget All the Other Traditional Trading Strategies You Have Been Taught. So, with You Can Start afresh. And Will Teach You How to Trade NOT the Traditional Way. If You Think About it, where did WE the Amateur Traders Learn from the so called, pro's. I Will Submit This to You "THE MOST SUCCESSFUL TRADERS DONT GIVE THEIR SECRETS AWAY. We Don’t Have Steven Cohen Going Around Teaching People How to Trade, Neither George Sores or Warren Buffet Going Around Teaching People How to Trade, Giving Their Secrets Away, Teaching You How They do it...They DON'T DO IT! People (The so-called Pro's) That Teach You Usually Charge You to Teach You, When Ironically, They Themselves Don’t Have a Clue, They Are Only Regurgitating Something That They Read Somewhere or Was Told to Rehearse. That’s It! -But it is the TRUTH. And You Will Have to Accept it, or Else You Will Continue to do What You Are doing and Guess What, You Will Not Be Getting Different Results.

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