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If you’re particularly looking for a place where you can fully consume your writing skills then is the website you should be working with. It does not rely on bidding on projects; instead, the way projects are offered to an individual is dependent on their skills in writing. The better you write, the higher you are paid.There are proper rating systems that equips itself with and according to which you’ll be able to choose the articles you want to write from the job desk. This is another advantage, you will choose what you want to write on unlike other websites in which tasks are given and you have to complete them whether you’re interested in the topic or not. The tasks are displayed on the website, and one can view the complete instructions provided by the client and then decide to work on it. The ratings allow you to gradually decrease the workload, but still get paid more for writing better articles. The prime aim is to go that extra mile and deliver a good content article to your customer thus giving them a reason to come back to you.

Step #1
Register For A Free Account.

Step #2
Request The Type Of Content You Would Like Written.

Step #3
Receive Your Content From A Writer.

Step #4
Review Your Content And Approve Or Reject It.

Step #5
Download Your Content And Rinse And Repeat.

But in additional of you can also choose for alternative
I Need Articles, is another site that you can also go to and write articles for money.Each task that one writes will get rated and as the ratings of your profile increase, the higher paid jobs will be made accessible to you. Iwriter cuts 19% of the paid fee for the transaction charges, and the rest is your earned profit which can easily by multiplied by writing more and more articles in order to get a full $500 every month. If you’re able to contend one particular customer, then he/she might even put a special request to only assign jobs to you, which by the way, offers a higher payment than the regular articles.People enjoy earning appreciation for the incredible work that they do and believe that they are much better at something than others usually are. takes special care of their prolific writes and thus the website displays the names of the most astounding writers on the main page. The ratings and their names are displayed right next to each other enabling clients to see the best of the best. The biggest advantage this gets in increasing the amount you earn is that clients will most probably choose from these writers to get their content written and if you are one of the chosen then you will definitely be receiving a higher amount for a higher number of articles written as a result of special requests.

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