Make money online using Affiliate Marketing

The most prominent marketing of today on the internet is affiliate marketing, which refers to the connection between an online retailer, who has products that he/she wants to sell, and the affiliates, who will assist in selling the products.

What is affiliate marketing?
The affiliate’s work is to get the advertisements of the retailer’s product to convert into sales, in simpler words, attract traffic towards the retailer’s product. Each sale or lead will have a certain amount of money that is associated with it and the higher the number of successful leads, the higher the earnings.
To sell someone else’s product, meaning becoming an affiliate, you can start by signing up at an affiliate program, which is offered by multiple online companies. However, there is another way you can opt for which is joining as a member of an affiliate network. In some cases, to sell the product of someone you will have to have a website of your own, which will provide all the information related to the product that you’ll be affiliating with.

This helps in providing an authentication statement to the employer making them acknowledge that you know what you’re up for and acquire ample knowledge to promote the product and generate leads out of it. Moving onwards, there will be a certain type of affiliate marketing program that you have aimed for, and that will decide the amount of money you’ll be able to make per month.

Google Pay Per Click 1• It provides a fast response by receiving immediate clicks from search engines. In a day or two, you can get the exact position on your business.
2• By paying the right amount, you can receive lots of potential traffic through search engines to your website.
3• By using this method, it is easier to keep an account of the exact number of people visiting your website.

Pay Per Click and other CPA Marketing Tactics
There are multiple programs amongst which PPC (pay-per-click) advertising and CPA marketing come under. CPA marketing refers to Cost per Action that comes under affiliate marketing wherein the affiliate’s task is to generate leads for the merchant’s product. The affiliate is only paid if the advertisement generates a lead i.e. brings some action into the work. The amount of money that you can earn also depends on how strong the competition is in the market that your product falls. For example, in an insurance policy affiliate program the competition will be high, but at the same time if you’re able to generate a lead in such a competitive market you’ll earn a healthy compensation for the intense hard work. To drive traffic towards the retailer’s product the affiliate can buy several ads from different marketing websites such as Clickbank and Facebook. You can even create a Facebook page of your own where you’ll be promoting the products and developing a good customer relationship. Other ideas might include creating a blog and finding related websites where you can post the retailer’s ads.

Marketing Channels and Auction Sites Just as eBay. Success of one medium of communication and marketing in a business may not last for some other forms of business entities. Use of different mediums of selling and marketing one’s products increases the profitability and survival chances.
1• One of the advantages of using multiple channels of marketing is that it increases your visibility to the customer.
2• This book provides suggestions about different channels of marketing and reaching your customer. You have to select the bestsuited option for your business. For example if you are an online start up business, you can use eBay as a channel for selling your product. In addition, as you grow you can move to other channels as well.

Some of the marketing and promotional strategies that online businesses are currently using may include the following:
1• Using online auction services to sell your product.
2• Use of discount channels like
3• You can sell your products through merchant websites like
4• You can create your own web store.
5• Use the services of other web stores.
6• Use the strategy of pay per click through search engines to divert traffic to your website.
7• Follow the strategy of search engine optimization and avoid paying per click fees.
8• Integration of online and offline operations can help boost sales and business profitability through efficiency improvement.
9• If you are using affiliate websites, you can pay commission to them and enhance your business through increased customer base and traffic.
10• Use of email and instant messages to send newsletters can help increase potential customer base and spread the information about new products and sales promotions.
11• Using social networking sites and discussion groups to spread the business message to clients.

Advantages of Using Auction Sites/eBay to Sell Your Products:
Following are a few reasons for using eBay as a selling channel:
1• It has a large number of users.
2• Large number of success stories have been linked with eBay. Many individuals are earning from this medium and growing over time.
3• It is user friendly and allows easy access to product campaign postings. Starting on eBay is very convenient and easy.
4• It provides various options for the seller. You can use an auction strategy, or sell at fixed price. There is also a web store and a main listings category.
5• It provides secure transaction methods to its customers and sellers. For example PayPal buyer protection and eBay Standard Protection.
6• Transactions can be made through PayPal accounts and credit cards.

Timing Strategies:
When using an auction mode for selling your product, choosing the right time and duration is vital. Below are some guidelines in this regard:
1• eBay experiences more user traffic on weekends and in evenings. Therefore, you should plan and extend an auction during this time period to enhance chances of sales.
2• Larger time periods mean more viewer ship and more potential clients. However, popular products require lesser time and more demand.

Selling Digital Products with Clickbank
Everyone has their own talent they want to work with and acquire an expertise in, but sometimes they might not get a platform to do so. Writers are an important part of our community and deserve to earn by the remarkable talent of being able to write marvelously on multiple topics. Clickbank provides the ultimate platform for such people who can develop their own digital products and sell them on the Clickbank website. Digital products refer to software, eBooks, articles, magazines, PSD templates and Word Press themes that one can develop. The topics can be diversified, and you can write on the topics you have genuine knowledge of.
Clickbank is amongst the best websites to sell your digital products because it gives plentiful features that one would like to see in effect. They have a large network of affiliates, who will advertise your products to related customers and generate a lead to make the sale of your digital product a reality. It really helps those who know precisely know how to write and who are incredible at it, but do not want to go through the tedious process of advertising it and trying to sell it somewhere. Once you have posted your product on Clickbank, it will be the job of affiliates to make a sale happen and generate the income.We have done really well with the websites that we have set up and used the Clickbank Marketing structure.
Here are a few of click bank sites i researched

Developing Career on oDesk – Selling Your Skills.
oDesk is a short form of “online desk” referring to a place where an individual can work without the traditional obstructions. It is a highly professional network that deals with the buying and selling of diversified skills. You can utilize the skills that you have attained through all the learning and experience you have amassed in your life and earn an income without having to go to a specialized office and work within stern timings. It is today known as a global job marketplace where you can set up your desk and provide your skills to one who is in a need of them. If you have the skills, then you can easily find customers within the website who will be willing to pay you at your
terms and conditions and even the work timings will be your decision.Whether your skills pertains to web development, SEO articles, design and multimedia, business services or sales and marketing or any other knowledgeable expertise that you might attain, oDesk is equipped with all the resources that one might need in order to convey the skills to others. Smartly utilizing your skills to earn a healthy amount is important and to achieve this you should pre-plan what your unique selling proposition will be. oDesk is especially popular for teamwork in which one individual hires a number of players to join one team to accomplish a given project. This way diversification of team members is possible, and there arises no need of
adjoining all of them together in one physical place, which would bear a high cost.
Click on the link

To get started you’ll make your own profile and include all the highlights of your education and the skills that you have acquired. Your profile will attract customers to hire you when you bid on their project so be very scrupulous when creating your profile and perform the task very cleverly. To earn at least $500 you have to work on several projects, and you can receive that many tasks by bidding more on multiple projects, which you think you can successfully accomplish with good quality deliverance. Once you make a good impression and your client is satisfied, then the same client will probably hire you multiple times, so your giving 100% at all times is essential.To enhance your credibility and get hired for more projects you can take the oDesk skills test, results of which will be viewed by clients when they read through your profile. This will ensure clients that you have the potential to perform the work that you have opted for. In addition, posting a portfolio will help increase the value of your profile. It will include all of your previous work and projects that you have accomplished and even adding the link or images would be a good way to get your clients to trust your expertise.

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